Renewable Energy Software Development

The modern energy industry is moving towards renewable energy innovations at full speed. As a reliable partner of utility and energy companies, S-PRO fuels this transition by providing custom software development, maintenance, and consulting solutions to enable agile decision-making and provide digital stability in a volatile market.

Renewable Energy

The future of Renewable Energy?

Safer, smarter, and digital

  • Digital transformation has given birth to technology innovations in both performance monitoring, forecasting, and asset management in the energy sector. Empowered by big data solutions, predictive analytics platforms, and IoT, renewable electricity providers can collect, analyze, and act on data more effectively than ever before. It allows them to identify new trends, forecast future problems, and recognize investment opportunities.

  • Digital transformation is turbocharging the transition to alternative sources of energy and shaping a favorable investment environment for new market entrants. We can see the ever-growing commitment to renewable energy opportunities among legislators, businesses, and consumers. Integrating our efforts, ideas, and technology solutions in the energy sector, we are moving together toward a cleaner and healthier world.

  • At S-PRO, we believe in a powerful future of this young industry and contribute to it by providing comprehensive energy software solutions. We help utility companies and energy equipment manufacturers create scalable products to expand their operations and boost efficiencies to meet the rising market demand.

How renewable energy will power the world

  • Renewable energy sources make up 26% of the world’s electricity today, but according to the IEA, its share is expected to reach 30% by 2024. — The Guardian

  • We are entering the most interesting phase of Western power markets in 50 years. Energy transition creates opportunities, unlocking multi-billion-dollar sub-industries for the 2020s. — Petroleum Economist

  • Сonsumers are also increasingly recognizing the benefits of renewable energy. Solar panel installations (individual and corporate) exceeded 2 million last year, and are likely to double by 2023. — CNBC

  • Renewable power will take over 50% of the market by 2035, with subsequent growth to nearly 75% of the global generation market by 2050. — McKinsey

Energy 4.0: Digital Transformation in the Energy Market

  • Evolve your energy business with digital innovations

    Would you like to reach new levels of operational efficiency? Leverage state-of-the-art enterprise technologies, powered by predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, to extend your asset and service management opportunities. Our energy and utility software development company is here to help you incorporate digital innovations and become a game-changer at the new P2P energy markets.

  • Investment intelligently with predictive analytics

    Today, big data analytics can empower you to make smarter investments in new renewable energy assets by accurately estimating and forecasting various demand and performance scenarios. Optimize your grids with smart energy and utility asset management software based on predictive analytics. Our team of experts will deliver custom software that will help you minimize the risks and maximize performance.

  • Pioneer in the new era of smart cities

    As technology evolves, we can see the increasing number of electric vehicles, smart cities, plants, and buildings. They constitute a rising power that demands the next-generation software for analyzing their energy usage and implementing granular optimization measures. You have an opportunity to be among the pioneers offering more intuitive technology solutions.

Custom software solutions fueling the energy future

S-PRO provides innovative custom software solutions to empower energy and utility companies to achieve more agility and dynamism in their fields.

  • ONE

    Energy Management System

    Our team develops energy management platforms that allow you to monitor projects, track energy usage, cut energy expenditure, and more. Discover new opportunities for energy efficiency savings by monitoring and forecasting utility consumption.

  • TWO

    CRM Software Solutions

    We build custom CRM software solutions for the energy sector. Our engineers also develop collaborative professional networking platforms for employees and executives. With our CRM platforms, you can improve both relationships with customers and your internal work.


    ERP Platforms

    We develop energy ERP platforms with an extensive suite of features that will help you automate processes and easily get industrial and operational insights. You can literally transform your energy business by running your ERP and core business process in the cloud with S-PRO.

  • FOUR

    MRP Software

    We create MRP (manufacturing resource planning) software, meeting your business needs, goals, and requirements. Now, you can easily manage inventory, track the company's cash flow, and more — all in one user-friendly platform.

  • FIVE

    Smart Grid Data Processing

    We build intelligent energy and utility software solutions based on predictive analytics that allow you to minimize energy usage, maximize grid operation, optimize performance, automatically detect resources, and safeguard against crashes.

  • SIX

    Custom Utility Management Solutions

    Our skilled engineers create customizable utility management systems that satisfy the fast-growing demands of the energy industry. We develop leading-edge utility software to receive precise data, like cost and energy usage.

Our key areas of expertise

  • Big Data & Predictive Analytics

    We deliver energy management systems that process large volumes of data received from smart sensors, grid equipment, weather forecasts, GIS data, and other devices to help energy and utility companies forecast future conditions and run better-informed power-planning.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    We create innovative AI-based solutions that deliver detailed visibility into a utility customer's electricity consumption. It helps to balance grids, satisfy demand, optimize performance, enable self-healing, and boost new product development.

  • Mobile App Development

    Our experienced developers build mobile applications for the energy sector that are integrated into different areas of management, customer support, field service, and marketing. We develop native applications for iOS and Android platforms, as well as cross-platform mobile apps.

  • Web Development

    At S-PRO, we apply the latest web technologies and resources to empower energy and utility organizations with engaging, responsive, and innovation-driven website solutions. Let your business stand out in the crowd of heavy competition.

  • UI/UX Design

    Our senior UI/UX experts design energy and utility applications with extensive functionality, ultra-intuitive user experience, clear dashboards, and branding. Now, you can visualize all energy data and analytics in the convenient interfaces for highly informed decision-making.

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Why implement your next big idea with S-PRO?

Highly informed decisions

Our R&D team is continually researching and evaluating emerging technologies and evolving the best practices. It empowers us to provide a highly informed perspective that translates into high-quality service.

Deep industry insights and expertise

It goes without saying that the S-PRO team takes the security question very seriously. We are dealing with sensitive personal and corporate data in many projects and always ensure that they are highly protected from cyberattacks.

Regulatory compliance & security

It goes without saying that the S-PRO team takes the security question very seriously. We are dealing with sensitive personal and corporate data in many projects and always ensure that they are highly protected from cyberattacks.

Close cooperation & individual approach

We pay particular attention to effective communication, that's why our CEO and CTO always participate in all of our projects. In case if your product requires more time and attention from them, we are ready for an exclusive format of communication.

Digital transformation consultancy

Our team of experts and analysts will help you navigate in today's landscape of new opportunities and technology disruptions. S-PRO can consult you on how to implement digital transformation in your energy business.

Partnership synergy

We are proudly partnering with companies in analytics, economics, regulatory, and blockchain consulting fields to extend your software solutions and business opportunities.

Awards & recognition

Our technical proficiency is outstanding, but it's our industry and business acumen that set us apart.

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Antoine Chiron

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The app is functional and bug-free, meeting the expectations of the internal team. S-PRO is available and adaptable, making changes to their project management process as necessary to fit the client's needs. The team is creative, attentive, and knowledgeable.

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