<span>EHR and EMR</span> Software Development

EHR and EMR Software Development

We can empower your organization with secure custom-built EHR and EMR software solutions to improve your efficiency. Using advanced technologies, we develop solutions that help you increase user trust and client satisfaction through process automation. We help you elevate patient outcomes as well as organizational effectiveness, productivity, and revenue.
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EHR and EMR Software Features

EHR Systems
An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital copy of a patient’s paper medical history file. The benefit of EHRs is that they provide real-time patient records that can be safely shared with authorized users anywhere.

EHR software solutions are more than the patient’s clinical data that is normally collected in a doctor’s room. It contains every detail related to a patient that has been gathered over the course of their time as a patient. This could include details like diagnoses, immunization information, allergies, x-rays and other images, treatment plans, and much more.

One of the most important features of an EHR is that a patient’s full medical history with no gaps can be instantaneously shared with several healthcare providers in different locations. It makes the process of sharing information with several specialists much easier and safer and cuts down the administrative process, which is most important in urgent medical cases.

EMR Systems
An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of a patient’s medical history relating to one practice. Although EMR software solutions contain the same information as paper-based records, they enjoy some crucial advantages over them. EMRs allow practitioners to track patient information over time, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that would not have otherwise been possible when reviewing a paper-based file.

Custom EMR and EHR Solutions We Deliver

We can create EMR systems based on Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) software. We can also integrate other SAP products into the service offering. We can customize the system to what your organization requires.
Custom EMR and EHR
Regardless of what you require, we can develop a bespoke solution. This might look like an EMR or EMR software solution that requires web, mobile, or desktop access. We also offer cloud services as any modern EMR or EHR system should.
Blockchain EMR
In keeping with new trends in healthcare app development, we are fully in step with the latest trends such as blockchain-based EMR and EHR development. Our development teams are constantly working towards giving your organization the technological edge it needs to thrive. As such, we are comfortable using blockchain technologies to provide you with the security, accessibility, and peace of mind you need.

EHR and EMR Development Services We Offer

EHR Consulting
Our skilled teams will meet with you to help you decide on the features your app should contain. We have gained experience from our many previous rollouts to understand what will work in the market. As part of our expertise, we will give you advice on the financial and technical feasibility of your plans. Our comprehensive industry knowledge ensures that there is no question we cannot meaningfully answer. From there, we can provide you with an EHR development design concept.
End to End EHR Software Development
Get the benefit of our knowledgeable teams who can give you the best advice on EHR architecture design. We also advise you on the best way to go in terms of UX/UI design. Our teams will create a minimum viable product and assess its quality levels. We use coding best practices in order to transparently create the best product for your needs.
EHR Support
We understand that when your product enters the real world, there may be some early challenges. We offer a user helpdesk that will assist you to work through any bugs that might be derailing the adoption of your app.
Database Design
Our excellent development teams know how to facilitate efficient data management and information analysis. We can help you produce the best EHR and EMR databases using our knowledge of how to intuitively classify important data and define relationships between thematically connected types of information. Our EHR design and EHR architecture bear the hallmarks of our quality and experience.
Software Development For Medical Records
We offer EMR software development services for companies that handle private patient information. We are well aware of the need to stay within regulatory boundaries, meaning our systems are highly secure and confidential.
Customization Services
We can customize medical data software solutions to make sure they meet the needs of every client. To do this, we develop EMR and EHR software solution services that can complement your existing solutions or add to new ones.
EMR and EHR Integration Services
We understand the key role of EMR integration and EMR integration in healthcare app development. There are many different platforms in this growing industry. Whilst respecting confidentiality, we offer seamless EHR integration solutions that connect with third-party tools.
Quality Assurance and Testing
We apply real-world testing of products in the final stages of development. Healthcare organizations cannot afford to launch sub-standard services as this can pose serious risks to the health of patients. We routinely test our solutions to make sure that sensitive clinical data is under lock and key in ways that comply with regulations.
<span>S-PRO Approach In EHR and EMR Software Development</span>

S-PRO Approach In EHR and EMR Software Development

At S-PRO, we put patient and healthcare service provider needs first. This is the overriding concern that guides every consulting session. Our teams are skilled at matching your needs with what is possible in the market and in the budget.

Our substantial experience in EMR and EHR software development means we are ready to accept projects of all sizes. We are flexible enough to get to work at any stage of your app’s lifecycle. We are ready to work with you to create an entirely new app or optimize an existing one.

We work within mutually agreed deadlines, budgets, and design briefs. We understand that telemedicine is taking off and your organization needs to stay in step with your competitors. Our support systems are top class, be this during app development or after the system has been launched.